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As one of the UK’s leading independent communities of children’s service providers, we’re focused on creating a truly committed, transformational service, with passion, integrity and a true sense of belonging for all whom we work with.

For children and young people, we achieve this by finding them caring and stable home and families where they feel safe, nurtured and able to flourish positively into adulthood, and by providing tailored support for all ages through childhood into independence. For foster and adoptive parents, by offering a supportive and non-judgmental environment where they feel empowered to develop their skills as professionals. And for our colleagues, by recognising their individual strengths, respecting their ideas and encouraging them to be the best they can be and make our service even better. 

While each of our providers offers outstanding support and training, each also has its own unique approach, meaning we’re able to appeal to a wide range of needs and expectations – but always with the same goal: to make a lifelong difference to children and young people.


Fostering is providing a safe a nurturing home to a vulnerable child. There are many types of fostering and the length of care can vary. The Polaris community is made up of 8 unique fostering agencies who can support you in your journey to foster.

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There are many reasons to consider adopting a child and it is such a rewarding thing to do. Our adoption agency are experienced in providing all the support and guidance you need through your assessment to becoming adoptive parents.

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Residential Care

We provide highly nurturing, therapeutic children's homes for young people with a variety of complex needs. Our facilities promote emotional health and wellbeing, and provide cohesive support for social and academic progression; helping children to grow and reach their potential.

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We have several education providers within our community; including our specialist school in Kent. Our nurturing team provides specialist education for 7-16 year olds with social, emotional, and mental health difficulties (SEMH), communication and interaction, cognition, and learning needs.

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Leaving Care

Once young people in care reach independence, it is crucial that they receive the right support to help them on their journey into adulthood. Our agency, Leaving Care Solutions, are a leading provider of semi-independent accommodation and support for disadvantaged young people and those leaving care.

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Children’s Services

Our community offers innovative and bespoke services for children and young people. Our range of services are evidence based, modelled on the latest advanced research, and delivered by our multi-disciplinary team who are committed to making a lasting difference.

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