Every year in the UK, approximately 30,000 children and young people come into care, requiring a safe and nurturing foster home.

These children come from various backgrounds and situations – some may have experienced abuse or neglect, others’ parents may have passed away or become unable to take care of them, and some may have disabilities for which their family is in need of temporary support.

There is always a need for loving families to help look after these vulnerable children and young people; enabling them to feel safe, secure and cared for – for however long they need.

Types of fostering

There are several different types of fostering, and each will be arranged with the best interests of the child, and via thorough planning with the foster family, social worker, local authority responsible for the child, and sometimes the birth family.

The types of fostering that can be provided include:

  • Short term

    This involves caring for a child on a short term basis, which can be anything from a night or two up to two years.
  • Long term

    A long term placement will be arranged for a child when they are unable to return home. This will usually last until they are 18 and can be supported into independence.
  • Respite

    Respite care is provided on a very short term basis. This can be planned as a single night, or as regular weekends every few weeks; depending on what is required. Respite is there to help families who need support, or to provide regular foster parents with a well-earned rest.
  • Emergency

    Emergency placements are needed at very short notice; where a child has suddenly had to leave a dangerous situation. Emergency care will be very short term, where care proceedings are taking place to plan longer term care for the child.
  • Parent & Child

    Often, a vulnerable young parent and their baby will be in need of a foster home; where they can be supported in caring for their child and learn the appropriate skills needed for raising an infant.
  • Children with Disabilities

    Foster parents can receive specialist training in order to care for children who have disabilities. There are many different types of disability such as physical disability or limited mobility, a child requiring full self-care needs or tube feeding, or a mental disability such as autism.
  • Asylum Seeking Children

    Many children arrive in the UK seeking sanctuary from hostile environments. These young people arrive without their parents and are alone and afraid. We provide specialist training in how to care for asylum seeking young people so foster parents can fully support these vulnerable children.

Fostering Providers

Our family of fostering providers is made up of 8 agencies; covering different areas across the whole of the UK and providing many specialist services across the community. We are always looking to recruit passionate people who are interested in making a difference to children and young people.

Here are our fostering agencies below, where you can find out more information about this rewarding role – or, if you’d like to know more, get in touch with us today!


ISP were the founders of independent fostering in 1987 and have been fostering therapeutically ever since. They work with children and young people with complex needs, surrounding them and their foster parents with professional wrap-around therapeutic services, providing a blanket of care to support their development and progress.

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Our largest fostering agency in the community. With its 25 year experience and national reach, FCA provides support for over 1,900 children and young people. They continuously improve care and outcomes by creating a positive culture where children and young people and their foster parents feel respected, involved and inspired to achieve their very best.

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FCA Scotland

FCA Scotland has been continuously improving care and outcomes since 2002, using the same positive culture established by FCA.  FCA Scotland is regulated by the Scottish Care Inspectorate and operates under Scottish legislation.  FCA Scotland supports fostering families from the highlands to the lowlands and from Argyll to Aberdeenshire.

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Fostering People

Established over 20 years ago, Fostering People offers an innovative fostering approach, to create high quality, local support networks which build the confidence and resilience of foster parents and the children and young people they look after.

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Orange Grove

Orange Grove was established in 1996. A fostering agency founded on nurture, they develop positive relationships with the people they work with; providing the right personal support, at the right time, encouraging foster parents and young people to develop, individually and together.

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An independent fostering agency established over 20 years ago. Fosterplus prides itself on finding the best possible matches between foster parents and children and young people; increasing their sense of connection and providing a positive and stable environment which helps them develop continuously.

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As proud champions of diversity for over 10 years, ACS are a fostering agency committed to inspiring children and young people by helping them understand where they’ve come from, who they are, and what they can become, giving them confidence and a strong sense of their identity and potential.

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Clifford House

A small, family-feel fostering agency with over 25 years’ experience. Clifford House are a resourceful agency that operates as a family, providing the stable foundations that all families need: support, trust, understanding and compassion, plus a commitment to doing whatever it takes to get things done.

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Why foster?

Fostering is one of the most rewarding careers you can do.

As a foster parent, you can make a real difference to children’s lives, while receiving generous payments, 24 hour support from an experienced team, specialist training, and a network of other foster families to work alongside.

Find out more about the many benefits of fostering today by taking a look at our fostering agencies.

Who can foster?

Our fostering agencies are always looking for caring individuals interested in becoming foster parents for children and young people.

We recruit people from all backgrounds and walks of life, regardless of gender, race, religion, experience, marital status and sexual orientation. As long as you have the drive to make a difference and meet the following initial criteria:

  • Are over 21 years old

  • Have a spare bedroom

  • Have the legal right to work in the UK

How to become a foster parent

We pride ourselves on the quality of our fostering assessments, but also on our efficiency in training and approving families so that they can soon start their new and rewarding role of fostering.

Our fostering assessments take around 4-6 months and the full process of becoming a foster parent is made up of 5 steps; including an initial call, a home visit, fostering assessment and checks, panel and approval.

Visit one of our fostering agency websites to find out more and start the process today.

Transfer to us

It is so important to feel supported as a foster parent, so making sure you foster with the right agency is crucial.

If you are looking to change agency, transferring may not be as difficult as you think. We recognise the extensive knowledge and skills already held by experienced families and will fast track your assessment with an aim for approval within 12 weeks. If you are an experienced foster parent and would like to find out more, get in touch today.

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